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Hartrons Leagal Process Outsourcing services(LPO) suite assists the global clients to address their requirements to onshore .Hartron has as a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals including attorneys and engineers to smoothly manage your intangible assets and other legal services.

With years of experience, highly structured IP management processes and effective monitoring and accuracy. Hartron team is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and strives to exceed the expectations of its clients.

What Client's Say

Hartronís Intellectual property and LPO wing provides necessary assistance at every step throughout the client process lifecycle. Our services include:

  • Patent Management Services

  • 1. Patent Management Services: Every industrial innovation needs to be protected in terms of copy right and patenting. Any innovation is subjected to various steps in the patent management services, to include

    Patent Search: In order to avoid repetition of the innovation and product piracy it is essential to search for similar products before registering for copyright and patent and Hartron provides the services of Patentability search.

    Patentability Assessment: Hartron renders the services of patent assessment to ensure the originality of the invention by evaluating the minutest of its construct.

    Risk Analysis: Hartronís risk analysis team would evaluate the risks of violation and encroachment of patents tropically and globally. The risk analysis would enable the business unit and individuals developing and launching their product in the market to evaluate the IP rights and its violations pertaining to their products.

    Validity Search: Hartronís IP team would do a validity check to determine the claims made by the claimant to justify the originality and then validate accordingly in case of a suite filed for violation of the IP rights of the claimant.

    Patent protection: The protection of the patented product is a major concern for many of us. In order to ensure that your product is patented we have the following process

    Patent Drafting: It is one of the most important and complex steps in the entire patent lifecycle. The patent draft or document contains major aspects of the invention, for which patent is to be done. Our patent drafting team consists of qualified and experienced professionals experts in various domains.

    Patent Filing: Hartron handles all communications with the patent office right from its filing to grant of patent. Our patent prosecution services include filing applications, preparing to answer the questions raised by the patent office and responding to the official actions till patent is granted.

    Freedom to Operate Analysis: Freedom to Operate (FTO) is generally conducted to determine that the product that is to be patented doesnít violate the rights of others. This is done before the commercialization of a product or process.

    Patent Illustrations: Our patent professionals are well versed in writing patent illustrations, drawing technical or mechanical drawings and preparing flowcharts and photographs in various formats (soft and hard copy).

    E-filing Patents: We also file the patents using the e-filing facility in countries where if such facilities are available and our client operates.

  • Trademark Services

  • Trademark/copyright Services: Trademark/copyright are the impressions of the business and the quality of the product and services offered. Filing, duplication avoidance ,registration, search, illustration support and artwork are some of the services rendered by hartron.

  • IP Management services

  • As soon as we receive your approval, we begin doing work on a small scale. While the quality checks and auditing are done simultaneously, we ramp up the operations slowly to the planned/decided volume, ensuring a smooth transition.

Our expertise in handling back office processes will allow you to focus on your core functions and invest your precious men hours in new business development.